Thank you for your interest in Yunite! These pages are intended to provide you with all information you need to set up Yunite on your Discord server.

Getting started

To get up and running with Yunite quickly, we advise that you

  1. Invite the bot to your server. Use this link: Invite link. It is highly recommend to create Yunites own role and give it admin permissions.

  2. Go to our Dashboard at https://yunite.xyz and log in!

  3. Look around a bit to get a feeling for what is available and where you can find it.

  4. Join our support server: Support Server Invite We are building a powerful community of server owners that help each with configuring Yunite, and of course the Yunite staff is happy to help there, too!

  5. To learn more about all the features, please visit the pages listed on the left. They contain guides on how to use each and every feature of Yunite, and are constantly extended.


If you enjoy using Yunite, please consider becoming a Patron! Each and every pledge helps to keep this project up and running in the future. Go to: https://patreon.com/yunite‚Äč