Here you can see the newest features of Yunite.



πŸ”· Fortnite Item Shop

First, we want to apologize for the inconveniences you experienced over the last few hours. Our old host moved our virtual machine to a pretty overbooked node, and Yunite did not have enough power to operate. However, we moved everything to a new host, which is way more powerful, offers dedicated resources, and should make everything stable. To compensate for that, we're happy to announce that Yunite now offers a new feature that allows to auto-post the current item shop of Fortnite, alongside a new command ( !shop ) that can be used to query the current shop. On the dashboard at , you'll find a new section called Item Shop where you can configure Yunite to auto-post the shop once a new one is available or upon a specifiable time, or even both. You can also configure the !shop command there like you're used to do it from other commands. Note that you need to configure at least one allowed role to make it work. This brings Yunite a step closer to being a full-fledged solution for every Fortnite server, now covering the daily shop and stats with the !stats command. The shop will look like in the image below. The feature is free for all servers - go ahead and try it right now!



πŸ”· Ban or kick users

Added option to ban or kick users if they try to link a blocked or already linked user. πŸ ‚ You can find the new options on your registration page

πŸ”· RoleCombiner

RoleCombiner conditions can now either be joined by or or and operators

πŸ”· New operation types for the RoleCombiner

πŸ ‚ Grant & check: Like the old Grant type; adds the role to matching users and removes it from not matching users πŸ ‚ Only grant: Grants the role to matching users, but does never remove it

πŸ”· Increased patch frequency for premium servers


πŸ”·Fixed a bug that prevented Epic names with special characters from being correctly renderd on stats images πŸ”·New stats images are now also included in the query command πŸ”·Fixed a bug that overwrote currently cached stats with zeros if stats query fails



πŸ”· New Stats Design

A small, but great update: We reworked the !stats command and moved it from the ugly embed to a better designed, image based approach. To use it, simply write !stats and make sure that Yunite is allowed to Embed Links and Attach Files. This will display your stats if you are linked through the Registration System. To query another user, write !stats @user. It's also possible to simply query an Epic Games username like you're used to from other stat bots. Just write !stats Bad_Mate to display the stats of Bad_Mate. This usually defaults to Keyboard & Mouse ; if you want to see Controller stats, write e.g. !stats ps4 byMintro. For touch, write !stats touch Bad_Mate. Head over to your server and try it right now! Let us know how the new changes work for you in #feedback on our Support Discord.



πŸ”· Scheduled Permissions

Yunite now has a new feature that allows to schedule updates for permission overrides of your channels. You can e.g. tell Yunite to deny read permissions to a helpdesk channel to your members every evening (when your staff goes to sleep) and re-open it in the morning. To use it, just go to the Scheduled Permissions section on the dashboard, set a logging channel, and add your first scheduled permission. For the scenario above (close and re-open a channel) you need two scheduled permissions. For more info on how to set it up visit the new support page for the feature ↓

πŸ”· !events command

The registration system is now equipped with a new comannd: !events You can use it to query rank and points earned in any ingame tournament of Fortnite of any registered user. To use it, write !events @user. This will list all events of that user. You can also filter events by adding keywords afterwards. For example, if you want to display world cup qualifier finals, write !events @user world cup qualifier event2 (as event2 are the sundays and event1 the saturdays). Let us know how the new changes work for you in #feedback on our Support Discord.



πŸ”· Event based roles

We saw lots of servers who are doing closed customs with people that reached, for example, at least place #500 in a World Cup Qualifier Week. Currently, most of you are doing this manually. Yunite is now capable of granting roles to verified members that reached at least a specific placement or at least a specific amount of points in any ingame-event of Fortnite itself. This works analogous to the long known stats based constraints that limit a role to players with specific stats (e.g. K/D, Winrate etc). πŸ”ΈExample: Look at the image below for an example on how to create a role that will be granted to players (on all platforms and all input methods) who placed #500 or better in the Week 10 Duo World Cup Qualifier Finale in EU. Just select "Event based" as constraint type, search for your event, and set up the limit you want. πŸ”ΈNote: Most events are annotated with the region and the session number of the event (which is usually "Event1", "Event2", and so on). A session number means that it is still part of the event, but happened later than sessions with a smaller number. For the World Cup this means that "Event1" are the Open Qualifier on Saturdays and "Event2" are the Finals on Sundays. This feature is beta. Please let us know how it works for you in #feedback on our Support Discord:



πŸ”·Arena Trios...

...have been added as custom game mode! :tada: You can choose it on your web dashboard - please note that there are "Trios (Squad Mode)" and "Arena Trios". Be sure to choose the right one Take off with the Battle Bus and practice for the tournament!



πŸ”· New Website

During the past days, I worked on a redesign of Yunites webinterface. I felt like it was not really nice to look at, and it was literally unusable on mobile phones. While the new page has the same functionality and you'll see that a lot of the structure has not changed, it has some major differences: πŸ”Έ Native dark design. The old webpage worked a lot with white background. This was not too comfortable for your eyes, right? The new page is in a Discord-fashion dark mode. πŸ”Έ Server selection. Previously, a lot of people missed where they can choose their server because it was really small. We changed the server selecting mechanism to a sidebar with server images like you're used to use it everyday on Discord itself. πŸ”Έ Restructured menu. The menu is now categorized to make it easier to find what you're looking for and to consume less space. πŸ”Έ Optmizations for mobile phones. The new page is now responsive, that means it'll move the menu and server bar into a hamburger menu on mobile devices, leaving more space for the actual configuration content, and most elements are now stacking up into a single column to make them more readable. Send us your feedback on the Support Discord in #feedback. If you find bugs, please let us know! []



πŸ”· Trios for Custom Games Matchmaking

πŸ”Έ We added "Trios" as custom gamemode. It will set the game mode in Fortnite to Squads until there is a real Trios mode, but only allow three people to be in the lobby, otherwise the code will not be entered in to the party.



πŸ”· Custom rules for custom games

πŸ”Έ You can now specify rules for your custom games that are displayed in the sign up embeds and in the last message every participant receives via DM. This is useful to e.g. include no-early-contest rules etc. into Yunites messages. You can enter the rules in the host section of the webinterface. You might need to press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [R] to see it.

πŸ”· Simple Key Distribution via DM

πŸ”Έ For those of you who requested it it's now possible to simply send the custom code to participants via DM. They have to enter it themselves into Fortnite. Yunite will still send them a friend requests so they can be tracked ingame, and you still get a list of chosen participants so you can ban everyone who has not got the code through Yunite, but through a leak.



πŸ”· Vote Boost Program

For those of you who don't have Premium already, we're giving out an opportunity to get Yunite Premium for free. Many of you may know the page , a popular directory for Discord Bots of all kind. Of course, you can also find Yunite on there. The page has a voting mechanism which moves bots that get a lot of upvotes up in all search results and increases the chance of appearing on the front page. As a good position on the page is driving value for Yunite as we might reach more new users, we're trading in Yunite Premium for votes. ▢️ Our system is similar to the Discord Nitro Server Boost and it works as follows:

1️⃣ Tell your users to vote for Yunite. They can use this link to reach the voting page easily: Users can vote one time every 12 hours. 2️⃣ Once they voted, Yunite will DM them, asking them which server they want to boost with their vote. Tell them to choose your server from the list. 3️⃣ Once they chose your server, your server gets a boost. You need to reach a specific amount of boosts in a week to receive Premium for a week. Vote boosts expire after 7 days, so you need to reach that amount in one week . If you get a new vote and have more than the required amount of votes in the last 7 days, you get Premium for free for one week. This means, in theory, you can have free Yunite Premium forever as long as you reach your vote boost goal every 7 days. Sadly, this also means, that if you don't reach the goal, your server will fall back to Free Yunite until you again reach the required vote boost amount in a time frame of 7 days. As you might have noticed, to get Premium for free, you need to motivate your users to vote for Yunite every day and boost your server. We know that motivating users works best when giving them rewards, so we implemented a system where Yunite mentions them in a channel once they voted so they gain some clout, as well as a system where Yunite grants a role to each user who has an active vote. This means, you can grant access to an extra area to voters, where they can have a private chat or something as extra perk. You can look up the goal you need to reach as well as how many boosts you already have in the current week on your webinterface. Just log in, choose your server, and go the page "Premium unlock" where you find your boost status on the bottom. You might need to press [Ctrl] + [R] to see it. Note: Only servers who don't already have Premium AND have more than 500 members are eligible to participate in the vote boost program. Note: We might adjust the vote goal from week to week to ensure that only the servers with the highest voting rate get Premium. ▢️ So, go to your server, set up some nice perks for user that boost your server with their vote, and reach the goal to get Premium for free! The program starts 06/30/2019. Votes that are made today can not be used for boosts.



πŸ”· Advanced Community Support System:

The ACSS is a ticket-based community support system, similar, but also very different to the known ModMail bots you can find everywhere.

Forget about them - ACSS is much more feature-rich, scaleable, flexible and configureable.

The system is primarily DM-based. That means, Yunite is NOT creating a new channel per ticket, as that approach would massively slow down servers with very high ticket load. Instead, both users and staff members are handling tickets by interacting with Yunite via DM.

For users, the interface is pretty easy: They get the :raised_hand: emoji below a fixed message on your server similar to the registration system, allowing them to access their existing tickets and create new ones. For staff, there is an informative embed message that always shows how many open tickets exist, how many exist per category, how many are assigned to single staff members and how many of them are waiting for a response of them. ACSS Tickets are always of a certain category that you can freely define - a category can for example be: Mod Mail, Report, Feedback etc. You can set up categories and their settings as you like on the dashboard. ACSS also supports predefined answers to quickly answer FAQ or invalid requests, and configureable "staff actions" your staff can use to, e.g., ban the author of a ticket for 7 days, just by the click of a single button below the ticket while working on it in DMs. What staff actions are available in which category is also freely configureable. The "special questions" support of ACSS allows you to ask the user specific questions. For example, if you're building a "Report" category, you can configure Yunite to ask the user "Who do you want to report?". Select "Epic name" as answer type, and Yunite will let users enter an Epic name, and, if the user is linked to a Discord user on your server, directly show the linked Discord user in the embed once your staff works on the report ticket. For such questions, the "staff actions" are also available, so you can easily apply moderative, predefined actions such as kicking or banning on reported users. There are much more options than I could write down here. There is a introduction to the feature available at To get started, we encourage you to read all of it! We're thrilled to see how the features goes live on your servers! Try now and build the best support system you ever had! Sidenote: Capacity for non-premium servers is limited to 5 concurrently opened tickets.





This is todays all-new feature - the Yunite Role Combiner. It can be used to grant roles to or remove roles from users depending on which other roles they have. This is for example extremely useful for Twitch streamers that have a Twitch Subscriber role and a role for verified users, and now want to set up a channel for verified subscribers only. The new module can be used to grant users a role who have both the Verified and the Twitch Subscribers role (e.g. a role named Verified Subscribers). This is just an example - the feature can be used for every kind of situation where you need access restrictions based on multiple roles, which Discord doesn't allow out of the box. The feature is limited to one single rule for free users, and unlimited rules for Premium users. Go check it out on the Dashboard!


After a lot of requests, Squad custom games are now possible. You can select it as regular mode in the customs host section. Please give feedback if this works for you!


This is a frequently requested feature as well! You can now configure Yunite to remove a role instead of granting it once a user verified. Yunite will remove it if present upon successful verification, and add it back once the user gets unlinked. To use that feature, just create a normal constrained role in the registration settings and switch on the Remove role from verified users-switch.


To speed up verification, Yunite will skip the ingame verification part of the verification process if the user already proved that he owns that account on another server. Users will only need to verify the account one time, globally, and won't have to do it again. Note that they still have to enter the account name, platform, and input method. To access the new features, you might need to perform a force reload in your browser (press Ctrl + Shift + R). Feel free to leave feedback about the changes in #feedback on the Discord.

Thanks for reading! πŸ–€



πŸ”· Yunite Premium:

We have some news to announce today. As you're surely able to imagine, my team and I invest a lot of time in this project. I'm constantly working on bugfixes, new features, DevOps and a better experience for all of us. Additionally, we're paying real money every month for the servers Yunite is running on. All of this costs money and time, and now it's time for the project to return some money to honor the investments we made. For the reasons mentioned above, we're limiting what our users can do with Yunite without paying, and offer a cheap upgrade possibility for those of you who use Yunite regularly and need higher capacity and advanced features. The changes will take effect on Tuesday, the 28th May 2019 at 00:00 CET.

πŸ”· Limits:

If you're on the free plan, your server is subject to the following limits:

  • Max. 200 Fortnite registrations

  • Max. 10 Commands

  • Only one lobby is displayed when running snipes

  • Custom codes are distributed to max. 15 players

As an extra perk, you can access the Yunite API if you have unlocked your server and use registration data for your own projects. This will be disabled for servers on the free plan.

πŸ”· Pricing:

Pricing will be monthly & fairly low to make it easy for you guys to continue to use Yunite just as you're used to it. These values may change in the future when we adapt prices to match the market demand. This is the table:

Member Count


up to 5000


up to 10000


up to 25000


up to 50000


up to 100000


up to 200000


more members


All prices are incl. VAT! For payments, we are using Paddle is a long known & trusted software selling platform, so your payments are secured by experts in this area. Your personal or payment data (like Credit Card Numbers or Mail Addresses) will never be processed or stored by Yunite itself.

We hope you understand that we can't provide you a full-fledged system for free forever, and we won't be just constantly paying with money and work without getting anything back.

We would be happy if you guys decide to invest a few bucks per month into Yunite, which costs much less than an average Fortnite skin - the difference: With Yunite you're getting something useful, while a skin doesn't really help you with anything.

Thanks for reading! πŸ–€



πŸ”· Custom Key Distribution:

After a long while, we're happy to announce that the custom key distribution system survived the first tests with bigger communities and should be ready to use. Feel free to test it out, and report your experience in #feedback on the Support Discord. Of course, there may still be instabilities, so if you're experiencing issues, my team would be happy to assist in #customs-support on the Support Server.

CHANGES: To support the new party system, we had to introduce some changes.

1. Yunite is not using only Yunite 3 as ingame bot for customs as before. As a single bot is now unable to be in multiple parties at the same time, your users may encounter Yunite 10 to Yunite 150. As before, Yunite will still send chosen users a friend request from the correct account. 2. An additional step has been added: Users must promote Yunite to party leader after they invited it, as Yunite can not promote itself anymore. 3. Support for party fill has been added - on the webinterface, you can choose whether only parties exactly matching the mode (1 member for solo, 2 members for duos) or parties with less than the required amount of members should be allowed. Enabling the option allows users to queue into Duos as Solo, or randomly fill up the lobby with other solo players. We hope that you have fun with the feature. If you like Yunite, please consider becoming a patron on , voting it up and spread the word about it! Thank you! πŸ–€




πŸ”· Patreon:

As some of you might know, developing, maintaining and running a bot is a very time consuming task. I spend some time on this project nearly every day, either by developing some more awesome stuff, fixing problems, or supporting you and help you with your issues.

Of course, this does not pay my food, and the servers Yunite is running on cost money. If you enjoy using Yunite, please consider to become a Patreon. Every pledge, even the smallest one, will help me in further developing this project.

All Patreons will receive the Donator role on this Discord server, and users pledging 5$ or more will even get access to a dedicated support chat were me & my team are helping you to resolve your issues with extra high priority. From 20$ and upwards, you will get access to Yunite Premium in the future - a dedicated instance of Yunite serving less servers that's therefore more stable. Yunite Premium will also receive the latest features at first before we deploy them to the general public a week later. If you are willing to pay even more, I'll even host your own instance of Yunite!

Check out tiers on the patreon page. Here's the link to the page:​



πŸ”· Custom Game Matchmaking

This feature is intended for Creators who have a Support-a-creator code and access to Custom Games. With Yunite, you can now let players on your server sign up for a new custom match. On the click of a button, Yunite will choose 100 players out of all players that signed up. These players are then asked to invite Yunite into their party in Fortnite - Yunite will enter the Custom Game Key and change the mode to the correct game mode.

  • No password leaking. In the past, a lot of players used to share Custom Game Keys with their friends or other uneligible persons - this is now nearly impossible for a regular user, as the code is not displayed ingame and can not be copy&pasted out of Fortnite. Therefore, you can be sure that only eligible and chosen players get the code.

  • No typos. People can't type in a wrong code, because Yunite enters it for them. All they have to do is to invite the bot, wait until it leaves, and ready up afterwards.

  • Select a "predelivery" role - discord users having this role will get the code in every case (useful for VIPs).

  • Solo & Duo supported. Solo, Duo, Arena Solo and Arena Duo are supported. Yunite will set the correct game mode for your players. If you select Duo (or Arena Duo), only parties with exactly two players are allowed (any other configuration won't get the code). The same applies for Solo (or Arena Solo) with exactly one player.

  • Result Lists. Yunite will print a list of all chosen players into a channel if you like that.

  • Select more or less than 100 players (more than 100 wouldn't make sense, though).

  • Set up a role that get's pinged once you create a new custom match.

IMPORTANT: Due to a breaking change in our database structure, most of your server configuration got lost. This also means your old registration messages won't work anymore. Please log in to and reconfigure your Verification, Snipes, Rank and Settings page. Yunite will not destroy anything in the current state, so you don't need to hurry. We have preserved your commands and all rank system XP, and all previously registered players are still registered. Additionally, Yunite will probably need some time to recover all Epic Users, so you may experience degraded performance within the first few hours. If we find bugs, we probably need to shutdown or reboot Yunite a few times over the day.